Dialog Box

CanForum 2018

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Tuesday 11th September, 2018
Parliament House, Canberra, Parliament Dr, Canberra, ACT
Registrations for this event are closed until more spaces are allocated.
CanForum 2018: Intelligence in health; the challenges and possibilities.

New technologies are rapidly changing our understanding of healthcare. CanForum 2018 brings together a breadth of high profile speakers in the fields of artificial intelligence, bioethics, blockchain, genomics, clinical research, industry and politics.

The advent of genomics and personalised medicine are transforming the way cancers are treated. There is huge potential but questions remain on how our health system and budget can accommodate the new technologies. Is science too far ahead of our policy makers?

With genomic data having such a large role to play in the future of cancer care, there are great opportunities for artificial intelligence to help advance our understanding of DNA. CanForum will address the scope for artificial intelligence in cancer research; it will also examine the pressing debates around who owns your DNA and what are the implications for ownership in terms of research and privacy.

The large swathes of data required to personalise medicine necessarily carries with it, concerns about privacy, data integrity and incentivisation. CanForum will provide an Australian first look at opportunities for blockchain technology to enhance security and research capabilities beyond what our traditional systems provide. Can this new and powerful technology impact the cost of clinical trials and drug development?

In fitting with the location, CanForum will bring these forward-looking science, technology and medical research topics to our elected representatives. Critical to all of these technologies is Australia’s ability to harness them quickly, safely, and sustainably. CanForum will feature addresses from the Health and Shadow Health Minister, as well as a long informal lunch which will provide patients and attendees the opportunity to discuss this new advent of health with their elected representatives.

Meet the Patients Lunch

One of Rare Cancers Australia’s mission is to ensure that the voices of cancer patients and their carers, are heard by policymakers. Patients and carers are closest to their disease and their voices are integral to the policy framework. This lunch represents a great opportunity connect patients with their elected representatives.

During this lunch, Minister for Health, The Hon. Greg Hunt, MP and Shadow Minister for Health The Hon. Catherine King, MP, will address CanForum attendees. They will be sharing their respective ambitions for the future of cancer research and treatment in Australia, with particular reference to rare and less common cancer patients. There will also be ample time during the lunch to network.

The power of constituents and patients speaking to their elected representatives should not be underestimated, and the stories of individual’s cancer journeys help to paint a picture around policy and our health system. If you are attending CanForum, we encourage you to get in touch either directly with your MP/Senator to invite them to the lunch. You can also email Eliza, RCA's Public Affairs and Policy Manager, to get assistance in getting them there.